Why It is a Good Idea to Trust Dealership Parts for Your Vehicle

It only stands to reason that the original parts that came with your car are in most cases the best parts of that car. If that is true, then why would anyone want to use an aftermarket replacement part that is cheaper. Almost without exception, the aftermarket parts are not as well-crafted as the original parts, or the manufacturer would have used the aftermarket parts in the first place.

Aftermarket parts are cheaper for a reason. They are usually not as well-made as a factory authorized OEM parts. For example, plastic may be substituted for metal, or the wiring may be of inferior quality. Brand name dealerships spend a good deal of time and money training their technicians, and they will tell you that the problem is not always the part, but perhaps faulty wiring and other nonspecific problems. Just putting a cheaper part is not always going to save money if the problem is something else.

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