Here’s Why You Need GAP Insurance Today

We’re all faced with difficult situations that need us to spend money. Instead of paying out of pocket, why not take an insurance which will come to your rescue when such cases come knocking? Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) works to protect your personal finances when involved in a bad financial situation. GAP guarantees you financial relief, and our staff at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Santa Fe is here to make the process of acquiring it stress-free.

Why choose GAP?

Insurance covers a certain amount of relief according to the items leased. If you incur greater losses than the insurance cover, you’re forced to add some funds to cover the losses. GAP insurance takes care of the difference to be topped up. GAP insurance also acts as an add-on along your standard car insurance through your insurance company. It burns the bridges between what you will pay and what your insurance will pay.

As a result, GAP help fill the spots in your coverage. For instance, if you are involved in a car accident and what you owe in the event of an accident is more than the car’s worth, GAP will cover the difference.

Be sure to stop over at our dealership in Santa Fe today, and we will help you get your GAP covered!

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