Signs Your Vehicle’s Brakes Need Servicing

Servicing your brakes on a regular basis is a good call in the Santa Fe, NM area. With it comes a guarantee that your braking system is in good condition. However, there are instances when your car’s brakes may fail. Some warnings are evident before a braking system ultimately gives in, which makes it imperative for you to bring it in for service at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Santa Fe!

Have you noticed any of the mentioned signs? If so, then visit our dealership at 4470 Cerrillos Road today and have your braking system checked. You could also call us and we will happily book your next service appointment!

  • The decelerating distance may increase over time.
  • Every time you apply the brakes, there could be a spongy feeling.
  • The vehicle may sway to the right or left when using the brakes.
  • A squealing sound may be heard whenever you apply the brakes.
  • Braking may require pressing the lever all the way down to the vehicle’s floor.
  • Most cars will have the ABS light, on the dashboard screen, continuously on. This is an indication of a faulty braking system.
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