Cold and Hot: How Temperature Affects Your Car Battery

Temperatures can change your battery's state quickly. Whether you live in extremely hot or cold weather, your car battery has to perform when you need to drive. In very cold weather, you have an issue if your battery freezes or slows down. Car batteries may freeze at temperatures of -1 to over -50 degrees Celsius, so it is important to keep your battery fully charged.

However, batteries can also heat up and experience corrosion or battery acid leaks. If you have a leaky battery, the acid may collect around the connectors and cause other issues. If you do not want to get stuck with a car engine that won't turn over, then you have to keep your car battery fully charged.

In addition, batteries also need to be rated CCA or cold-cranking amperage. You can check your battery and get a diagnostic on what's going on by talking to the experts at the Lithia Chrysler dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Santa Fe service center located in Santa Fe, NM.

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