Mesmerizing is one word that describes the Chrysler 300. This popular sedan is full-size, and it's very luxurious. Out of all the full-size sedans that are on the market today, this vehicle is still among some of the favorites so let's dive deeper.

The Chrysler 300 flashes a brilliant and subtle exterior. The general shape of this vehicle hasn't changed from model-to-model, but it has been refreshed to a certain degree. Chrysler uses HIDs for its headlamps while using LEDs for its taillights. Aggression and elegance are two words that perfectly describe the look of this sedan. Wheel designs will vary per trim level, and there are a number of wheel sizes that extend from 17 inches to 20 inches in diameter. If you love low-profile vehicles with crisp finishes, then the 300 is definitely for you.

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