You Should Appreciate These Fuel Efficiency Features Available with the Dodge Grand Caravan

These days, it is important to balance comfort and functionality with affordability when it comes to transportation. Thankfully, this is what you will now get with the Dodge Grand Caravan. You will benefit from one of the more popular family vans on the road today and get some helpful fuel efficiency features at the same time.

The low roll resistance tires are one way to get more out of your gas dollars. These tires are useful in all types of weather. They result in the engine having to work less as the van begins to move forward. Less gas use is the result.

You will also notice that an ECO mode has been installed on recent models of the Dodge Grand Caravan. Push this button and you will find that the engine works a bit easier. This improves gas mileage as well. Test drive the Dodge Grand Caravan when you visit Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Santa Fe.

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