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The Upcoming 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon is Groundbreaking!

After a great deal of teasers and excitement building up, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon was finally revealed, and it sure does not disappoint. It already boasts as being the only street/strip muscle car available in the automotive industry, and it is breaking both new ground and records for production cars. Check out this awesome commercial below.

Here are the highlights of this upcoming ferocious vehicle:

  • Highest horsepower of any production car- 840 horsepower!
  • Highest G-Force by a production car
  • First front-wheel lift at launch by a production car


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Tough and Sophisticated: the New 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Available in Santa Fe NM!

Are you interested in purchasing a well-rounded SUV that is high-tech, safe, and isn’t afraid to tackle a rugged off-road trail? We encourage you to consider the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, as it does all of this without sacrificing convenience and luxury features as well! Whether you are interested in a comfortable SUV to drive the family around town, or your interests are better aligned with an off-roading capable SUV, the new Grand Cherokee has got you covered.

With Parallel Park Assist, parallel parking has never been easier....

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Don't Ignore That Light!

While some drivers may calmly ignore their "check engine" light when it comes on, let us assure you that it is certainly nothing to ignore. While it may very well be something as benign as the gas cap not being tightened enough, there are far more serious issues that could be causing the light to illuminate.

We can easily check for you to make sure that the reasons are not something like a problem with the catalytic converter or a computer chip about to go on the fritz. Both of these issues can lead to a stunning array of potential…
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Brake Service Too Important To Miss

Your brakes are beyond a shadow of a doubt the most important safety feature of your car. As you travel too and fro, there are probably times that you can remember when you had to hit your brakes to avoid a collision, and you needed your brakes to operate at a highly effective method. One of the ways that you can make sure your brakes continue to operate at a great level is to make sure you service your brakes on a regular basis.

Now the good thing is there are certain things you can look for which tells you…
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RAM Trucks Get My Customers Where The Need To Go

I love talking to good people looking for the durability of RAM tucks. It doesn't matter if they're using it for contracting and construction, deliveries, or making that occasional weekend haul that RAM trucks were made to do. I feel good knowing my customers choose the best truck around to get the job done.

Besides work, I know they love the stylish looks and ride they enjoy regardless if they're on the highway or in the city. Durability, reliability, power and the rich tradition of RAM Trucks all make it a great experience for my customers.


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Want Power and Performance? Grab Life by the (Ram) Horns

Throughout history, there have been many symbols of power. The beard has been a symbol of power and authority.
Learn why the Ram horn is also a sign of power.
Psalms 75:10 says, “All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.” Thus, you will realize that horns can be a powerful symbol for both good and evil. 
Inspired by bighorn sheep, the power of the Ram brand is evident in its logo, with colossal, curved horns taking center-stage.
And much like its namesake, the Ram truck is…
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RAM 1500 Offers Best-In-Class Handling

The RAM 1500 truck is one of the most capable, best handling trucks in its class. It has a four-corner suspension to help raise or lower the vehicle depending on the terrain. It also helps the truck stay balanced on tight turns. Whether you want to ride low on the highway or raise the suspension to get over large rocks, this truck will not back down from any challenge.

There is a built-in off-road mode to raise the car two more inches off the ground to prevent damage from rocks or other flying debris. Aero mode is used to maximize…

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Mountain Rams Must Depend on Reliability

The Ram 2500 truck has been named after the American Bighorn Ram. When this animal perches on top of mountain peaks, it depends on its reliable feet.
This reliability is one of the primary features that led Jim Roy to join the Ram family.
Clients have relied on Roy for their housing. They have given him their blueprints and asked him to build the home of their dreams. They hope to raise a great, loving family in the Roy-built home.
But, what tools can be used to accomplish this goal?
Roy is only one man, with just two hands and…
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