Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement & Why it’s Necessary

Windshield wiper blades are a small automotive part yet a part that plays a large role in keeping us safe. When you’re driving on the roads, particularly in inclement weather, it’s important to have clear vision. At Lithia Chrysler dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Santa Fe, we carry a large selection of windshield wiper blades for almost every made and model vehicle and can set you up with the replacement blades you need.

Regardless of how little we think we drive our vehicles, the windshield wiper blades eventually wear out and become brittle or hard. Even moving across the glass repeatedly wears them down. Unfortunately, they tend to malfunction when we need them the most. Trying to adjust or bend them to fit only results in streaks and uneven wear, which can become very dangerous when driving. Getting a windshield wiper blade replacement also includes an inspection,

Stop at our Santa Fe service center and get some new replacement blades today.

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